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Marine Physics Branch
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The Marine Physics Branch conducts research and technology programs supporting the development of systems and techniques pertinent to Navy operational missions, (long range acoustic detection, localization of targets, surface and subsurface navigation).  The principal goal of these programs is to characterize the ocean medium so as to provide guidance for improving existing underwater systems and to provide insights for future acoustic applications and Naval navigation requirements.  In fulfilling its mission, the Branch utilizes computer-intensive studies of large geophysical databases, formulates syntheses based on knowledge of physical processes, and develops models to predict required parameters in poorly known areas.  The Branch also engages in activities utilizing advanced sensor systems (airborne gravity and magnetics systems, multibeam bathymetric and side-scanning sonars) with the aim of exploiting these technologies and to develop methods and procedures to enable rapid and efficient ocean area acoustic assessment.  The complex, multi-disciplinary nature of these problems requires cooperation with other Naval research efforts, as well as with other U.S. and foreign government and university laboratories.

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